Premier TEFL 120-Hour TEFL Course Review

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Eric J. Cantu

Very cool. Traveling is a huge passion for me and I’ve always thought about teaching English abroad as a possible way to do it. I didn’t realize these certs were for life. Nice.


A few years ago I though about teaching English abroad, but then I took a different path in life. I guess doing this course could lead to finding a job in very interesting countries.
Great article.


Thanks for this information. I love online classes.


Thanks for the article.
I’m an international student from China and believe me I’ve seen my fair share of bad foreign teacher in China. I really hope people who want to teach English could take teaching more seriously. Thank you for letting people know how to become a better English teacher.

W.E. Helper

This looks like such a great opportunity! Teachers need to learn how to teach-being fluent isn’t enough. Thanks for the great info!

Nick Hoyt

I love that it’s an online course. That is super helpful so that you don’t have to drive hours away to the nearest place that teaches it.

And you bring up a good point, you have to be able to speak English fluently, but are you also able to TEACH it to someone else? If English is your native language, you learned it as a baby and probably don’t remember how you did it.


I recently stumbled across this system and thought it was way too good to be true. But after reading your review, it looks like i was wrong all along. I like the benefits that the Premier TEFL 120-Hour TEFL Course offers, especially because of how much content it provides and the amount of guidance it offers as well.

Thanks a bunch!