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Things You’ll Learn In An Online TEFL Course

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4 years ago

What are your thoughts on a student centered program for kids that are more introverted? Does this still work as well for kids that aren’t as inclined to speak up in front of their peers or in a group? I know that as an extreme extrovert I agree that this program would work fine for kids like myself (when I was young), but I wonder if that’s best for kids that are less interested in the social interaction portion, but still have to learn English for some reason or another.

4 years ago

Are there any benefits to familiarity with conversational or written language of the students? I find that a bit of language learning delivers a lot of cultural understanding, but it isn’t the only way. Most TEFL teachers I’ve bumped into were in Japan, where I’d learned some spoken language. I think I have almost as much Thai cultural understanding from immersion without much spoken Thai, but it isn’t the same. Thoughts?